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Diggy Ambassador for GSSI


Hi, I'm Diggy! I'm a sloth that was born in Greenup, Ky but decided to get a job in Louisville, Ky and become an ambassador for the Gastroparesis Support Services, Inc (GSSI). They just get me. My digestive system works really slowly too!!
I'm here to be a support animal for you and to tell you that I understand you and that I get you. Just as much as all the people who I've visited before. We are all similar and we support each other. You are loved.

I only have a few rules during my stay with you:
1. I can only stay with you for up to 2 weeks. There are many people who need me.
2. Take a picture of me at a location or landmark in your town.
3. Take care of me! It's up to you to keep me clean and together. Take good care of me for the next Gastroparesis patient to enjoy.
4. When you hold me make sure to remember you are not alone and you have a huge Gastroparesis family standing in your corner. Never give up

Fill out the form below to request a visit from Diggy.

When Diggy arrives, you will receive a email from us with the next Gastroparesis patient and address, that he goes to.

When taking a selfie with Diggy, please post on social media and tag Gastroparesis Support Services Inc.

We have attached a journal with Diggy. Please feel free to share your story or write encouraging words for the next GP patient.

You are responsible to ship Diggy to the next patient.  Average cost to ship Diggy is $10.00

We ask that you keep Diggy in PG-13 pictures.

Optional:If you want to include a care package for the next patient, that is welcome but it is not required.

Diggy stats:

Travelled:4,306 miles

Places visited:

Louisville, Kentucky

New Holstein, WI

Dunkerton, IA

Bella Vista, Arkansas

Rock Hill, SC

Pensacola, FL

Wilsonville, AL